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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon [Episode 374] 29th October 2012 Written Update


Episode starts with Arnav asking Khushi how can she do DNA test of him and Aarav. He is angry at Khushi. Khushi says, just like that. Arnav says, what do you mean just like that? You think Aarav is my son? Don’t you have faith in me? He then gives her envelope and asks her to open and remove doubt for forever from her mind that there is any relationship between Arnav and Aarav. Sheetal is watching all this from outside and she is hoping that Khushi doesn’t open it. Khushi is about to open but then she tears it. She apologizes to Arnav and says, I did a mistake.. and I promise you I won’t do anything like this again. Arnav says, I am telling you last time… I and Sheetal were just used to date. Arnav leaves from there in anger.

Khushi is thinking what she should do now. She then sees Aarav and says, even though he is not mad…. she decides that she should do something for him. She calls him but Aarav doesn’t respond as he’s busy with his drawing. Khushi goes to him and he gets mad.. he says, when someone doesnt respond that means he is busy. He leaves from there in anger as well. Khushi sees his drawings and says, these drawings clearly show how much Aarav is missing his dad. She goes to Aarav’s room and tells him to fight with her instead of getting upset with her. Aarav says, it’s okay. Khushi keeps talking but then decides not to otherwise it would make Aarav upset too. And it’s not good to upset two people on the same day. While Khushi is leaving, she sees Sheetal’s diary. One side of her says, you can read it.. other side says, you can’t read. She is confused whether to read it or no. In the end she decides to read. She begins to read and it says, today I met a guy in school who was rude but was nice as well. Khushi gets nervous thinking it might be Arnav. She reads more and it says, I went to watch movie and I liked that guy so much.. but I was not sure if he likes him. That evening was so beautiful that I wanted it to stay forever. He gave me flowers but I wasn’t sure if he loves me as much as I do. Diary only says, that guy that guy.. and doesn’t say any name.

She reads more.. today was a very special day.. today we came very close to each other.. that close that we were able to hear each others heartbeat. And then pages are removed from diary. Khushi is wondering how she will know if it was Arnav or someone else. Aarav comes out of the bathroom so Khushi leaves now.

Khushi comes to some store room to check Arnav’s school stuff, I guess. She hears Arnav’s voice, don’t you trust me? Khushi says, I trust you.. but this desperation won’t live me peace. She says to God, only you can help me.. just make me sure that Aranv and Sheetal weren’t together in 2006. She then sees a photo in which Arnav is with many girls. She starts imagining everyone holding a kid and saying, this is ASR ASR. She says to herself, stop thinking about all this. She then sees Arnav and Sheetal’s photo of 2006. She says to herself, Aarav is also 5 years.. isn’t it like how I am thinking?

Break 1..

Khushi says to herself, I got emotional and teared reports too. She calls hospital to check if they have another copy. They say, their computer is not working and it will take couple of days to get fixed. She now says to herself, they studied together.. that doesn’t mean Aarav is their son. But I just can’t stay like this.. I have to do something. She now goes to Aarav’s school to check father’s name on admission form.

Khushi is at Aarav’s school in peon’s dress with mustache. She clashes with principal but principal doesn’t notice her and leaves from there.

Break 2..

Khushi clashes with another peon who tells her to put the files there and go with him.. , He says, your job is to make tea.

Khushi serves tea to all teachers there. Everyone says, what a tea.. is there anything special today. Khushi says (in girls’ voice), why it wouldn’t be special.. I put special ilaychi (special masala) in it. She now realizes that she is in man’s dress and used her own voice. She quickly runs away from there. She comes outside and says to herself, I had to make tea for all teachers.. don’t know what more I will have to do. But if not now, then never.. I must find Aarav’s dad name today.

Episode ends.


Raizada family and Sheetal, Aarav are ready for some sports game. Sheetal and Arnav are arguing. Sheetal says, she was always winning. Arnav says, you were winning because I was letting you win. Khushi is getting nervous seeing all this.
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