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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon [Episode 357] 4th October 2012 Written Update


Shyam is shaving and thankful he was able to fix the situation, he gets a call but when he answers no one answers. He then starts shaving and very badly cuts his face and his finger, he then notices there are glass pieces on the razor and wonders how this happened, the phone rings again and he gets angry at the person calling, Anjali comes in worried why he is shouting and notices the bleeding and goes to get first aid for him.

Anjali goes to Arnav and asks for first aid, Khushi and Arnav enquire what the matter is and she explains, as Anjali leaves Arnav is angry Anjali is so concerned about someone how has done nothing but betray her.

Anjali tends to Shyam’s cut. Shyam informs that the razor had glasses pieces, she enquires how that could be, and he goes to show Anjali the razor but Anjali replies that it has no glass pieces, Shyam asks if Anjali thinks she is lying, Shyam is annoyed at the calls he is receiving and is getting frustrated.

Anjali then goes to pick up the phone and its Shyam’s assistance stating that Shyam is needed for an important. Anjali tells Shyam to get some rest, but Shyam starts shouting that he isn’t and he has been getting blank calls. Anjali looks concerned and leaves Shyam in his state.

Shyam comes out of bathroom and notices the doors moving and then the curtains, he shuts everything stating the people in this house will drive him crazy and he needs to leave, his phone rings again and as he starts walking he injures his foot and then notices there are glass pieces. He then calls Anjali, Nani and Mami and Khushi wonder what the matter is.

Anjali goes to the room and sees the blood, Shyam tells Anjali about the glass pieces but she wonders how that could be, Shyam goes to show Anjali the socks but again there are no glass pieces. Shyam again asks Anjali whether she thinks he is lying, but Anjali tries to defend herself but Shyam doesn’t listen and accuses Anjali of not believing him. Anjali wants to help but Shyam just wants to be alone. When Anjali leaves, Shyam checking the bed and wonders how this could be possible.

Anjali comes down and Nani enquires about Shyam, Anjali explains what Shyam and what she found and that she is concerned about him. Nani explains this happened before.

Shyam asks HP where the rubbish came from and he replies that it was from Arnav’s room, he then asks Arnav about it and he replies that it was a bulb and stuff like this happens, Shyam explains that if something happened to Anjali that he would have died. Anrav gets angry and holds Shyam by the neck, Khushi comes and tells him to stop, Shyam wants to know what he did wrong and Arnav replies if he could he would tell everyone what he has done. Khushi explains that the bulb was broken by her by putting some pictures up.

When Arnav and Khushi goes to the room and she asks him why he chucked the rubbish in the bin and Shyam is clever, Arnav agrees and states that Shyam will figure out the stupid plan sooner or later, he wants to tell the police, Khushi asks whether the police will believe them, but he doesn’t care and he wants to tell Anjali everything. Khushi tries to calm Arnav down and everything is being done for Anjali. Arnav then notices the cut on Khushi’s hand and she tells him it happened during the bulb incident. Arnav enquires how took the glass out and NK comes in, Khushi explains that it was NK, we see flashback of what NK did. NK compliments Khushi on his plan, Arnav says its too much but NK replies that Shyam is too much, Arnav asks what the next plan is.

Khushi says that Anjali is coming down the stairs, Arnav states that he is not able to do it, Khushi teases that she knows he is incapable of fighting and acting but he needs to do this. Arnav argues that he can act and fight, Khushi tells Arnav to have the medication, but arnav says he wont, Khushi replies that she wont talk to him and he states he is okay with that. Khushi argues that this is the problem he is not affected by anything she does. Arnav says he is and Khushi carries on arguing, Anjali comes in asking what the matter is. Arnav states he cant remember and Khushi explains that she is trying to get him to have some medicine but Arnav is not listening. Khushi replies that she is scared for him with the nightmares that he is having, Anjali enquires about this she wants him to see a doctor, but Khushi replies there is no need for that and he needs rest and to have the medicine. Anjali the n states that shyam was stating that same as Arnav has well, Khushi tells Arnav to have the medicine, Anjali requests as well and Arnav relents and states he will have it, Khushi then tells Anjali to have Shyam have the medicine as well, Anjali takes it.

Khushi teases Arnav about his fake acting and NK comes to chill them out. NK them enquires the story behind the medine. Arnav explains he went to Anjali’s room and saw the changed medication (we see flashback) Khushi explains when the medince was tested that it was for having a child aborted. NK is shocked to hear this, Khushi explains that this didn’t work so he made another plan.


Shyam asking what medicine she gave him, Anjali states that nothing will happen, Shyam says how could she give him abortion medicine for a headache. Everyone is shocked to hear this.
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6 October 2012 at 07:33

i really wish that iss pyaar ko kya naam doon drama gives monday to saturday like the other dramas on star plus. the fans would be sooooooo happy if this is possible.

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