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Moment of the Day - 04th October 2012


“Aapko yeh dawayi leni Hogi….”

“Main Nahi Loonga….”

“Toh teek hai….jaaiye hum aapse baat nahi karte….”


Without Doubt the moment of the day, has to be the rib-tickling comedy that was showcased today in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon….

After the heavy loaded drama last week, the makers have tried to make it light keeping the serious issues intact. Mission “Expose Shyaam Manohar Jha” is on and Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada has taken the reigns of this Job into her own hands, one may always feel that her ideas are cliche and very childish but hardly do they fail, she has a very good success ratio you see and probably that’s the reason the makes that chosen to show it Khushi’s way…..And being the one closest to Shyaam’s deadly deeds (During the entire Kidnap Track/fake engagement), she knows the evil ways, the twisted ways in how the Evil Spawns mind works and so takes up the responsibility.

But to help her in this mission we have two Saarthi’s, two soldiers one her hubby Arnav Singh Raizada and her good-friend and aide from her previous mission Nane Ji. The trio together was a a treat to watch and the sequence they put forward was full on paisa vasool.

The moment of the day was the one where they had to convince Anjali that Arnav was not taking rest, and thus seeing things and he was supposed to take Meds which he was not…..The two most important people in Anjali’s life is her Hubby and her brother. Her husband had used her trust, her belief and her love invested in him as a medium to get him back into Shantivan. The same tactics was being applied once again…. Arnav who is equally dear and important to Anjali puts up a show in front of his di for the first time…If the former did it for his selfish deeds, Arnav-Khushi and NK does it to expose Shyaam, to save Anjali from the man who took to killing their unborn child.

The entire episode is a must watch simply for Barun, Sanaya and Karan’s acting….They were awesome, from their expressions, to their body language everything was refreshing and total bindaas…..We have seen Khushi in the nautanki mode, but to see the mighty ASR that way was truly a new and hilarious experience.


Arnav’s “I don’t remember” when he is asked to say the reason behind their fight (Fake).

Baruns’ million dollar expression on hearing Khushi’s story of the room being flooded.

“Chote tumhe daravne sapne aate hai” .. ”I don’t Know”

NK and Khushi literally crushing Arnav’s shoulders because the latter would not hold on to his head indicating that he was indeed having a head-ache…

NK literally shoving the water down Arnav’s throat..

Everything was amazingly done.. Plus the moment is also a standout because of the underlying emotions it had….No matter what Arnav-Khushi-NK did, the reason, the emotions that lay hidden behind this was simple and straight “Expose Shyaam” bring his truth infornt of the entire family.

I guess that is our first hilariously funny Moment of the Day and why not after all it was awesome.

Author: Vijitha Rajan
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5 October 2012 at 13:01

why can't iss pyaar ko kya naam doon drama give monday to saturday the other shows of star plus are.

5 October 2012 at 13:02

i am sooooooo happy that anjali will slap that shyam and fans were waiting for this episode to happen for so long.

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