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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon [Episode 389] 16th November 2012 Written Update


Episode starts with Khushi walking on the high heel and Aarav watching her. She falls down and Nani, Nk, Manorama, and Anjali come there. Nani asks Khushi, tell me the truth.. what are you doing? Aarav by mistake says, nothing.. she just wants to participate in Mrs. India. Everyone gets shocked. Nani asks her, why you want to do that? Khushi says, I just want to prove myself.. that I am smart and I have self pride. Nani says, this is a good thing. Anjali agrees with Nani. Nk says, now I understand.. this is why you’re being fancy since morning. Khushi says, yes.. and if I struggle like this walking on high heel and stay in this dress then they won’t even let me fill the form which is due by tomorrow noon. Nani tells Khushi .. everything will be fine. Khushi requests everyone not to tell anything to Arnav about this as she wants to give him a surprise.

Arnav is in his office and he asks one of his staff if work that Arnav asked is done or not. Staff says, it will be done soon. Arnav has a smile on his face. Arnav then gets call from Aman, his another office staff. Arnav tells him to take care of everything and he will not be attending some meeting.

Back to Raizada house. Nani is helping Khushi in preparing for Mrs. India contest. Nani explains her how to dance. Manorama is watching them and speaks to herself, I will see how this phati saaree will become Mrs. India. Manorama then tells them, Mrs. India is already present in this house which is me myself. Nani says, this contest is not for you. Manorama asks, why not? I will also participate and starts filling out the form. Nani tells Khushi to ignore her and they start practicing for dance. Manorama is searching for her age box, but its not there. Aarav comes there and says to her, it’s simple.. you just have to put a check mark in your age box. Manorama says, yes.. I know and she puts check on age 30 to 45. Aarav asks, are you really that young? Manorama gets annoyed and walks away from there. Manorama says to herself, if I can’t participate then I won’t let anyone else participate. She calls Arnav and warns him to be alert. Arnav asks, but what happened? Manorama says, it’s going to happen.. just be alert. She disconnects.

Break 1..

Manorama is crying in her room. Nk is passing her tissues. She’s complaining to Nk saying she is so lonely and her only son left too. She says, my loneliness can only go away by becoming Mrs. India. Nk says, what? it’s not for your age. Khushi also comes there and tries to cheer Manorama. Khushi says, even I want you to participate in Mrs. India contest but they put age limit purposely because they know you’re going to win. Manorama now stops crying and gets excited. Khushi says, this is why I want you to help me. Manorama says, I can help you but I can’t guarantee that you will look as beautiful as me. Khushi says, I don’t want to be as beautiful as you either.. just little like you would do.

Nk meets Aarav in the living room and they discuss something. Nani comes there and asks what are you two discussing? They take Nani with them and go to Manorama’s room where Manorama has put make up on Khushi. When Nani, Nk, Aarav see Khushi, they scream. Khushi then sees herself in mirror and screams as well.

Break 2..

Khushi is cleaning her makeup and gossiping with Payal (they don’t show Payal’s face). She says, I miss you a lot and audition is going to start soon. She tells her no to tell anything to Arnav about this. On the other hand, Arnav is also talking with Aakash on the phone and returns to home. Nk sees Arnav and runs to Arnav’s room to tell Khushi that Arnav is here. Khushi tells Nk to keep Arnav busy and she starts putting everything away in her room.

Nk stops Arnav. Arnav asks him where is Khushi? Nk tries his best to keep Arnav busy. He asks him, you didn’t tell me why you came back so early today? Arnav says, it’s personal matter. Nk now tells Arnav, we haven’t spent time together since so long.. why don’t you, me, and Aarav play some game? Arnav says, Aarav is not at home and he starts going toward his room. Nk tries to stop him, but he can’t. Arnav enters his room and closes the door.

Arnav then asks Khushi, why are you not picking up my call? I tried so many times. Manorama also called me and said, you’re planning something. Khushi says, what plan? no plan.. and what are you doing here? I didn’t pick up your call and you returned to home like a ‘choru-ka-ghulam’ (someone who keeps following his wife and does everything she says). Arnav says, I came here to tell you that. Khushi asks, what? Arnav then says, watch out your tone.. you know I don’t like anyone talking like this to me. Khushi then talks calmly with him. She then gets a call from someone. After the call is done.. Arnav asks her, who was it? Khushi says, no one.. Arnav says, you just talked on the phone.. he tries to take phone from her, but Khushi pulls it back. She asks, do I check your phone ever? Arnav says, that’s because I don’t lie like you. He says, anyways I came to tell you that.. .. he sees Khushi still holding phone away from him and then says, forget it. He is leaving from there. Khushi now stops him and asks, tell me why you returned so early?

Arnav asks her, what’s going on? Khushi says, please forgive me.. I can’t tell you what I am doing. Arnav says, I hope it’s not something stupid. Khushi says, according to me it is not. Arnav then notices that Khushi’s cheek are red. He asks her, why they are so red? Khushi gets shy and says, seeing you. She then goes near him and makes her cheek touches to his. She says, now your cheek is red too. She gets hurt because of Arnav’s beard and says to him, your beard hurts. He says, take this as punishment for hiding the truth. He then asks, did it really hurt? Khushi says, yes. Arnav then kisses her cheek and asks her, what about now? Before Khushi answers, Arnav gets a call from someone. Khushi says, it must be Aman and it is Aman. Arnav goes outside to talk with him. Khushi is worried and says to herself, I have to get ready and leave soon.. what should I do and how?

Nani and Anjali are wishing all the best to Khushi. Khushi is nervous and says, how they will like me in this dress? Anjali says, you’re just going to fill out the form today.. they will like you just by seeing your face. Nani also says, you’re going for Mrs. India contest and they know you’re married and married women have some limits. Nani tells Khushi to go without any tension. Khushi says, ok I am leaving then. Arnav comes there and says, Khushi you’re coming with me.

Episode ends.


Arnav tells Khushi, if you use your talent on right place, then I am sure you can get lots of success. I know by working in my office.. you won’t get your space, and therefore, I have a surprise for you. Khushi asks, surprise? Arnav then shows her models, chair (basically office environment which he has set up in Raizada house, I guess).
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