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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon [Episode 390] 19th November 2012 Written Update


Nani and Anjali wishing Khushi good luck, Arnav comes and asks Khushi to go with her.

Khushi demands to know where she is being dragged, Arnav states he knows she is angry and Khushi agrees, its because of what he said to her about not having the courage to face the world. Arnav states he knows she is talented and used in the right manner she will go far, he knows she wants her space so he has a surprise for her, there is a project that he wants her to be the head of, Khushi thinks about what Nani states, Khushi states she doesn’t think she will be able to it. Arnav wants to help but Khushi states she needs to do it herself and says she has important work to do, Arnav is concerned.

Khushi wishing to Devi Maiya that her dream comes true, she states that she doesn’t look like a Mrs India, she recalls what her family members said to her, she gets confident that she will be able to do this.

Khushi goes into the office and is told to get in line and fill a form.

Another woman makes a nasty comment about the tika on Khushi head and is surprised to see her. The other women makes comments about her clothes. Another lady comes in commenting about her earrings and how she has been looking for them, she saw it on a ramp, she says her name is Amrita. Another woman calls Khushi middle class. Amrita says that the other women are jealous of Khushi and she gives Khushi encouragement, Amrita then thinking that her job is done making Khushi confident and how east it was in her behenji look and she will be eliminated.

Arnav asks for Khushi but Mami and Nani give different answers. Anjali comes in and Arnav asks if Anjali is here but then where is Khushi, she makes a excuse. Anjali says that Khushi went to Mandir and then will go to her Maasa’s house. Arnav wants to call Khushi but everything tells her not to, Arav comes and covers that Khushi’s phone is not working. Arnav leaves, Nani scolds Mami to think before she speaks. Anjali hopes everything is okay. Nani is confident that everything will be fine.

A lady starts off the process, and tells them to start introducing themselves, the Amrita lady tells khushi to be herself. A lady comes in and she is introduced as a top model as the Judge. Khushi claps and she is called a stupid behenji by another contestant. It seems like the both judges don’t like each other.

One by one the contestant are called and asked questions about why they want to take part and it seems like each answer the model pulls down the answers and answers back. Khushi gets worried, she thinks to leave as she will get embarrassed.

One by one the contestants come up and they seem to get dejected by the judges comments. Amrita comes up and gives the answer about showing people there is more to a woman after marriage and she wants to show this to the world and help others. Judge J asks she may be asked to be away for a long period of time, Amrita answers that she knows very well how to balance professional and personal life. Another contestant get nervous, Khushi is worried about the female judge and wishes if Arnav was there. Arnav is shown through a window, she goes to get up but is told to sit down, Arnav is on the phone and stops and calls Khushi’s name, she in turn calls Arnav’s name and goes to the door but doesn’t see anyone there, they both miss seeing eachother, Khushi thinks its never been that she felt Arnav and he wasn’t there. Khushi is called and asked if she wants to give the audition. Khushi goes and introduces herself and says she likes cooking, the female judge asks if she doesn’t have a maid, Khushi answers that she does but she like feeding people and goes on to speak about her mother, but the female judge stops her and calls for the next person, Khushi is shocked.



Credit: Illyria
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